On January 25 the RJC commenced with a four part technical workshop series on XK engine rebuilding.   The series will be in four parts covering the total process of rebuilding a 3.8 L jaguar engine to the point where it is ready for installation in a car.

Part 1   January 28  – Disassembly and inspection.  We disassembled the engine and performed inspection as we went to determine the state of the engine components and machining requirements.  Covered were where to look for flaws that will require machining or other mitigation, measurement procedures such as how to measure bore and crankshaft surfaces with precision measuring devices. We also covered where to find instruction and data relating to engine rebuilding.

The series is meant to be applicable to all engine rebuilding, with emphasis on the specifics of the XK engine. We covered many of the specific requirements of this particular engine design.

Part 2  February 29 ( tentative )  –  Engine block assembly.   We will cover the assembly of the engine block after the proper machining has been performed.

Part 3  March 28 ( tentative )   –  Cylinder head rebuilding and assembly. We will cover all the steps necessary to update the cylinder head with upgraded valve seats and guides for modern fuels.

Part 4  April 25 ( tentative )   – final overall engine assembly. We will cover the remaining assembly required to make the engine ready for installation.  Installation of the cylinder head, valve timing gear, distributor, flywheel, etc.

Please note that tentative dates set for upcoming sessions are dependent on machine shop delivery and parts availability and delivery time frames. If the dates vary they will be announced here.

Class schedule

Class schedule

The engine block on the stand

The engine block on the stand

A list of inspection criteria


Using micrometers



Discussing the cylinder head