Jaguar automobiles are appreciated by nearly everyone. No other automobile is as fun to drive, show and pamper. Many of us have had what we refer to as a “Jaguar moment” — that moment when we caught a glimpse of a perfectly-appointed Jaguar on a perfectly-appointed day. Mine was a rendezvous with a baby blue XKE convertible that meandered through the student parking lot at the University of Denver —  driven by a blond female student, no less.  Can you say: “Hopelessly entitled”?

Flash forward to my later years, when Jaguar automobiles came within financial reach.  Between start-up projects, I find myself searching for a reasonably-priced Jaguar that will satisfy the endorphins and possibly be the next appreciating collectible.  (Well, maybe not collectible. I like to drive my Jaguar every day.  My main mule, so to speak.) In my search for my next Jaguar, I have discovered some good resources. I found a great article, written by a fellow club member, that lays out some good search basics.  Here is the full article. It’s worth the read even if it was written in 2001.

After reading this article. my walkaway was that you must know the 4/12-14 rule of auto depreciation. Cars will depreciate the most in the first four years. The 12-14 part of that rule means that cars will reach their historic lowest price after 12 to 14 years.  Good rules to know. Since it is 2017, that puts the bargain hunter’s sweet spot at 2003 to 2005. That matches up with my current search parameters. I am looking for a low-mileage XKR in that range, although there is always an undeniable attraction to the slightly newer XK8s.

Here are my go-to search sources online:

I wish I could afford an XKE.  But then again, it is almost as fun to watch my fellow club members realize their own personal dreams.  Plus, I probably would not find a baby blue XKE.  It is probably best for me to put that dream on hold.  But I will keep looking… just in case….