XK engine rebuild technical series

On January 25 the RJC commenced with a four part technical workshop series on XK engine rebuilding.   The series will be in four parts covering the total process of rebuilding a 3.8 L jaguar engine to the point where it is ready for installation in a car. Part 1   January 28  - Disassembly and inspection.  We disassembled the engine and performed inspection as we went [...]

All Turquoise, all the Time

When I attended the JCNA Annual meeting, last year, I met John McCarthy -- a really nice guy from the Sarasota club. We enjoyed sharing all the Jaguars we owned over the years. During lunch, I happened to mention to him that I have always wanted to own a turquoise XJS convertible. Six months later, John sent me a link to this little baby advertised [...]

Its Not Just About the Cars

Don’t get me wrong.  I love the older cars.  I love to drive them, to work on them, to just look at them.  However, some of my favorite memories as a Jaguar enthusiast are not about the cars per se, but are experiences that wouldn’t have happened without them. One of my most memorable occurred in 1990, when Debby and I were living in Chicago.  [...]

Finding the Perfect Jaguar

Jaguar automobiles are appreciated by nearly everyone. No other automobile is as fun to drive, show and pamper. Many of us have had what we refer to as a "Jaguar moment" -- that moment when we caught a glimpse of a perfectly-appointed Jaguar on a perfectly-appointed day. Mine was a rendezvous with a baby blue XKE convertible that meandered through the student parking lot at the University of [...]

Our History

After sticking innumerable flyers on Jaguar windshields, 25 stalwart enthusiasts gathered on September 23, 1983 in the Boardroom at the Board of Trade restaurant in Reno, Nevada. The first officers were: Randolph Wright, President; Palmer Stewart, Vice-president; LaQueta Armstrong, Secretary; Colleen Banes, Treasurer; and Gunter Heyer, Editor. Gunter gave our newsletter its name, Cat Talk. The group were determined to reach out to all Jaguar [...]

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