When I attended the JCNA Annual meeting, last year, I met John McCarthy — a really nice guy from the Sarasota club. We enjoyed sharing all the Jaguars we owned over the years. During lunch, I happened to mention to him that I have always wanted to own a turquoise XJS convertible.

Six months later, John sent me a link to this little baby advertised for sale on eBay. No question it was destine to be mine.
When I originally contemplated the purchase, I noticed that it had some extra chrome bits that made it an alleged “Collection Edition”. Collection or not, she was in very good shape with 100K miles — low miles for me. Cost me $9K.

The next week I flew to Chicago, took delivery, and drove it to our summer home in New Jersey. The “collection edition” package included an ugly leaper head that looked like a saddle horn (definitely not OEM). I replaced that monstrosity with a stock growler emblem.I put about $3K into a swapping out the radiator, fixing some electrical issues and replacing the throttle assembly. Drives great.

I think I will keep this one for awhile.