"Sunny Afternoon"
Randy Wright's
1967 E-Type OTS

Our Featured Car is this 1967 Jaguar E-type OTS which belongs to RJC Founder Randy Wright. The color is opalescent silver blue with biscuit interior. This car was acquired in 1994 and is a source of pride and great enjoyment to its owner. Although the factory build sheet indicates a build date in March, 1966, it is titled in 1967. This anomaly of course raises the question of where was this car during the bulk of 1966? Did it remain in England, at the factory awaiting dispatch? Was it smuggled abroad? Was it utilized by a government office in Whitehall for some clandestine mission? One can never know, but rumors abound about this car's provenance. It is known that in the Summer of 1966, a British rock group, The Kinks went on their now infamous first world tour. In America, early on, their manager, Larry Page, failed to pay a local tax and is briefly jailed; Ray Davies is assaulted by a man wielding a gun; their plane is struck by lightning in a thunderstorm over St. Louis; in Reno, Nevada the audience nearly riots; even though they received top billing over The Beach Boys, The Righteous Brothers and Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs at the Hollywood Bowl, their manager, Larry Page abandoned the band in an attempt to sign on Sonny and Cher and the Byrds. The band was banned in America for four years by the AFM. But there are reports that at the end of the day, after each concert, there was an opalescent silver blue Jaguar E-type waiting for Ray Davies to punch the starter button.

One can only wonder...

The acronym on the license plate, 'SNYAFTN' is for 'Sunny Afternoon', a chart hit from the summer of 1966.

Randolph Wright

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